1inch presented the second version of the protocol for limit orders

1inch presented the second version of the protocol for limit orders

DEX 1INCH agent presented the second version of the protocol for operations with limit orders -1inch Limit Order Protocol v2. Users are available “non -Gazy” swaps of supporting resolutions (permits) of tokens, FORKLOG representatives of the project reported.

The protocol of limit orders in Appendix 1inch was launched in June 2021. According to Dune Analytics, from that moment more than 20,000 addresses used the function, which made about 60,000 transactions with a total volume of $ 2.96 billion.

The new version of the protocol allows you to make a "handgrase" exchange of tokens for ETH. Thanks to this, users who do not hold Ethereum on balance can interact with the aggregator.

The service is available for tokens supporting permits. This function, proposed in the EIP-2612, allows you to pay for transactions for transactions using the ERC-20 standard assets using the tokens themselves, and not ETH.

On the Ethereum network, resolutions support 112 assets. A similar function is in the networks Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. In the first, 33 projects are compatible with it, in the second – 15. We are talking about tokens like AAVE (AAVE), Uniswap (UNI) and Balancer (Bal).

Developers also optimized the trading mode RFQ. For example, https://gagarin.news/ua/news/de-fi-protocols-essential-components-of-decentralized-finance/ marketmakers can assign a specific teker to perform a warrant.

Audit 1inch Limit Order Protocol V2 spent several companies at once, including Certik and Pessimistic. The source code of the protocol is downloaded to the GitHub repository http://coin-graph.site/?p=77 .

Recall that in November 1inch introduced the fourth version of the protocol of the liquidity aggregator with DEX.

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